Solong Tattoo Supply
Professional Tattoo manufacturer

Solong Tattoo Supply is a professional Tattoo machine, tattoo needle cartridges, tattoo ink leader and manufacturer in China.

The Solong Tattoo Company is headquartered and operates inside a 50000 square meter certified manufacturing facility. The Company uses an advance technical power, management system, and we are equipped with in-house R&D that allows us to self-design, customize, and innovate our machines, needles and cartridges. Every tools offered under our brand is made adhering to US and EU standards to meet the global market requirements.

Why Choose Us

Qualified Tattoo Products

The machines and needles cartridges are fully certificated by Authority. The sterilize Report, CE test report,FDA,MSDS,etc. So there’s no hassle for your import need. And we have sufficient experience to handle customs issues.

Warranty Coverage

All the equipment, needles, inks and other accessories you got from CNC Tattoo, we provide 12-month warranty policy. You can request returns and refunds as long as the conditions adhere to our policy.

Wide selection

Solong Tattoo Supply, as the manufacturer of Pro Tattoo Machine, Tattoo Cartridges, provide a wide selection of products catering to different applications and professional requirements. Solong is your one-stop online store.

Golden Standards

The reason that Solong’s products are so popular comes from the strict requirement and standard to manufacturing procedure. Our company is certified under the international quality management standard of ISO9001.2015

Fast Delivery

All Solong tattoo supply machines, needle cartridges, and accessories with a fast delivery service. Fast shipping means early sales and more opportunities you’ll gain. There’s Warehouse in US and EU. We will arrange for delivery near you.

Exceptional Engineering

Solong Tattoo adopts advanced manufacturing technology, and professional R&D team researching the market trends which made our products more competitive in design and functions.

Solong Tattoo Supply Workforce

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