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Blookline Ink – The Pigments That Rock!

If you are looking for a set of tattoo pigments which will satisfy even top-level artists, then your search is over, since we have exactly what you need! Blookline Ink is a high-quality product, which can be used for both simple and complicated, full body models. In this set, you will find all the colors you need for a unique artwork.

More Options for More Exquisite Works

The Blookline pigment sets are available in either 23 or 10 colors, each bottle having 1 oz, enough for starting with tattoos at a high level or for supplying your current tattoo parlor. And speaking about beginners, if you start making your first tats using these pigments, you will never want to get back to any brand, they are that good!

The ink won’t fade in time, as other poor quality pigments do, and they will look very good on your clients’ skin. And hey, this is the best way to come back for another, and another and another tattoo…
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