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Body Piercing Tools

Find top-grade body piercing tools online at Solong Tattoos. We take body piercing seriously that’s why we sell only the best products. We offer a wide selection of piercing tools, from needles and guns to forceps and scalpels. So, whether you look for web, lip, eyebrow or nose piercing tools, we have all the necessary equipment even for the most delicate and sensitive piercing projects.

We Have Piercing Tool You Need

Different types of piercing require different tools and techniques. Sometimes a receiving cork or tube is necessary for piercing sensitive areas. A scalpel might be needed when placing a surface barbell as it will help to create a line for nestling the surface bar. At Solong Tatoo, you can also find stainless steel tools such as forceps, tweezers, and internal screw holders. If you prefer to work with a piercing gun instead of needles, we can offer you a few traditional options to choose from. All these tools and much more can be found at our online store.

Choose the equipment according to your needs, preferences, and piercing techniques. Our tools are disposable and completely sterilized, so you can be confident in their safety.

We deliver orders worldwide. For more information about shipping terms and delivery time, visit the appropriate page.

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