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Disposable Sleeves for Ink Masters

At Solong Tattoo, artists can find all the supplies they are likely to need while bringing the skin art to life. Among such must-haves are disposable sleeve covers. The item is an essential requirement for every up-and-coming and professional tattooist. It is recommended to use sleeves to ensure sterile, contaminant-free, and safe working area. Keep in mind that the whole range of hygiene and safety standards can be easily met by dint of our goods.

Disposable sleeve covers are designed to protect skin and clothing from chemicals, pigment drops, splatter, and accidental ink spillage. Commonly, they are made of elastic components, which make them flexible at a wrist and an elbow. Due to the ease of use, the items will come in handy at a parlor or any other tattoo studio. Disposable sleeves from Solong Tattoo can be comfortably worn over pullovers, hoodies, or long-sleeve shirts. Regardless of the clothing you use in the workplace, our items are ideal for every style.

We want you to upgrade your tattooing skills within the safety standards. Check out the list of special offers at our store and enjoy wholesale prices. The larger your order, the more significant discount you will receive!

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