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Disposable Steriliser Bags

On this page, we offer you an important part of tattoo sterilization equipment – pouches. They are made of medical grade surgical craft paper. The pouches are to be filled with the steam of a sterilizing machine to reach instruments placed inside.


The laminate on the front part of the pouch is transparent, allowing to see the contents of the package. We guarantee that the laminate is properly sealed to the paper in our disposable sterilizer bags. It is an important moment as the seal is put under tremendous pressure during the sterilization process: the pouch will expand and contract. The high-quality seals prevent bursting and its consequences - openings through which bacteria come into the pouch. The sticker on the perforation is placed 50% on the laminate and 50% on the paper to prevent the bacteria penetration.


You’d better place your instruments flat – next to each other in a single line – in the sterilizing bags to prevent any fractures in the paper. And you don’t want to pack the pouch like sardines because you need free room inside for the sterilization steam. After you have completed the sterilization, slightly open the camera and leave it for 40 minutes because the paper must be dry before the contact with the hands: bacteria can be transported through the opened pours of that wet paper. When you take the tray from the sterilizer, you want to make a visual inspection to make sure that the sterilising bags are dry.

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