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Disposable Tattoo Tubes

In a tattoo parlor, no matter its size or how many artists are working in it, there are a few things which always need to be in considerable quantity. Now we are talking about disposable tattoo tube-tip-grip units that can only be used once and then they have to be chucked. It’s always a great decision to buy the following items in bulk. After all, it’s about safety, which matters the most, right?

Take the disposable tattoo grips, for example. You use them pretty often, right? Well, in this case, it is best to always have them on hand in order to avoid running out when you need them the most.

This is where Solong Tattoo comes in, offering a wide variety of disposable tattoo grips available in various colors and quantities. And yes, we also have them in various sizes, like:
3/4"" (19mm) Diameter
1"" (25mm) Diameter
1.2"" (30mm) Diameter

Solong Tattoo offers Super Magnum Needles as well, or, if you prefer an even better deal, you can get the Tubes with Needles Combo. Specifically, we’re talking about disposable cartridge grips, available in packages with up to 5000 pieces. That’s right, 5000 disposable cartridge grips in one box. How good is this for an offer? We’ll let you find out yourselves…
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