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Eternal Ink – Tattoo Colors Which Are Designed to Last Longer

If you have some crazy tattoo ideas and want them to look good on the skin, we’ve got the practical suggestion regarding materials: Eternal Ink! The Eternal Tattoo Ink is a high-quality product, which is used by tattoo artists all over the world to give life to their sophisticated designs.

Being a top-notch product, an Eternal Ink set includes pigments which will neither layer nor fade in the course of time. It’s enough to add one gram of a product in water to make sure that it’s entirely soluble. Also, the Eternal ink tattoo supply is perfect for cover-up works, since the skin will absorb the non-fading pigment quickly.

You can check out the Eternal Ink at wholesale prices at the Solong Tattoo store, and you will definitely find something you have been looking for so long. There are three different offers available, depending on how many colors you need: sets of 50, 25 or just 16 colors which are stored in 30 ml bottles.

Our ink sets are an excellent deal for professional tattoo artists and beginners. After all, you can’t go without high-quality materials if you strive for making a name for yourself!
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