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Green Soap Bottles for Safe Tattooing

Keeping all the procedures sanitary is one of the primary tasks for every tattooist. The practicality of plastic soap bottles regarding the issue cannot be overstated. A green soap tincture can be applied before, during and after a tattoo session. Primarily, it is used to prepare the skin for a stencil transfer or hair removal. Due to the natural and environmentally-friendly components, the soap does not cause irritation or any other skin damage.

More Areas of Use

All the machines and supplies require thorough sterilization before reuse. Having such a tattoo bottle at hand is perfect for equipment cleaning once the work is done. What is more, you can also apply the green soap as a wiping agent. At the end of a tattoo session, it is recommended to use the substance to remove excess ink and to get the big picture of what has been made. With that in mind, the soap allows for determining whether a tattoo is completed or not.

Thus, only one spray bottle for tattoos can replace numerous medical substances and cleaning agents. Take a look at the astonishing variety of green soap products in the catalog of Solong Tattoo. Stop by our store to get top-quality goods at wholesale prices!

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