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Solong Tattoo offers you to buy microblading equipment at low prices. We manufacture them, that’s why we strictly adhere to all the requirements because we know exactly what tattoo artists and their clients expect from quality microblading supplies. This equipment requires careful selection of tools, since the artists perform a very fine work drawing the finest lines. As a rule, this technique is used to draw eyebrows when creating permanent make-up.

If you want to create a permanent make-up for yourself or your customers, you will need quality microblading products:
  • Microblading Pen
  • Microblading Needles
  • Microblading Ink

At our online store, you can buy these items wholesale and retail. We will deliver any tools for microblading to the address provided.
Nowadays, microblading tools lead among our orders. The secret of the microblading technique is the following: the needle does not penetrate as deep as with the machine method of tattooing. The lines appear thinner, smoother, and more natural-looking.

The skin restores quickly after microblading because the artists make 3-4 punctures per second. For drawing lines, a special microblading equipment is used with one or a number of thin needles. To learn how to properly use them, you need to take a special course in tattooing and practice a lot on silicone mats.

The list of must-have microblading products also includes special pigments, which you can purchase at our online store.
Practice and improve your skills with quality microblading tools from Solong Tattoo!
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