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Needle Cartridge Grips

Of course, a great tattoo artist can’t work properly without some high-quality tattoo needle grips. No need to worry if you haven’t got them yet — Solong Tattoo has a vast selection of first-class needle cartridge grips to offer. At our store, you can order as many needles as you need.

It is also worth mentioning that here you can find almost all types of grips, including Aluminum Cartridge Grips, the most resistant model, as well as Silicone Rubber Cartridge Grips and many other accessories, like Combo to Vice Adaptor and viceversa, Vice to Combo Adaptor. Finally, we shouldn’t forget about Cartridge Needle Drive Bars — a must-have for every tattoo artist.

Avoid sticking to cheap tattoo grips that won’t last long and can even damage the final look of your designs. The best choice is to pick quality supplies. If you’re in need of a cartridge grip, make sure you check out our online store. Here, you will definitely find everything you need. And we’re not talking just about tattoo needle grips, but any other accessories and supplies a first-class tattoo saloon needs.

At Solong Tatoo, you can find the best deals. Make sure to contact us for more significant purchases since some serious discounts can be applied. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?
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