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Be responsible! Buy tattoo cleaning supplies

During tattooing, your tools contact with your client’s skin and blood. It is important to keep your tattoo parlor as sanitary as possible to prevent transmitting viruses and diseases from person to person. Take care of your clients and purchase tattoo sterilization equipment.

What do you need?

We offer the best tattoo cleaning solutions to make sure that you have all the right tools to take the necessary safety measures.

First and foremost, you absolutely have to buy a tattoo sterilizer machine. They use water and ultrasound to not only disinfect the tools but also wash off any splashes of paint and grease.

All our cleaning tattoo machines are manufactured directly at Solong Tattoo factory, so we are 100% accountable for the quality of the products. Rest assured that they are in excellent condition and get the work done.

Another thing you need in your tattoo cleaning kit is a disposal container. You cannot just throw used sharps and needles into the garbage bin because they are potentially biohazardous materials.

Our plastic disposal containers have very tight lids and warning signs on them to ensure nobody comes into contact with your bio-waste.

Buy in bulk and save money

We have very good wholesale prices. Call our consultants to find out how to get more and pay less!

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