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Panda Tattoo Ink Set – For Unique Works of Art

The Panda is known as one of the kindest animals, so the name is the best choice for these pigments since they are exactly what you need in order to create one of gentle tattoos, which will instantly attract all eyes and – obviously – more clients to your parlor!

Available in ¼ oz bottles, the pigments are sterilized with gamma rays, and just one gram is completely soluble in water, so you can indicate the color very quickly. And they are also very skin friendly, being absorbed by any type of skin, while will maintaining their saturation after a long time. Yes, even after a lot of years they will still look good!

All the colors you need for a great tattoo!

Each set includes 40 colors, some of them being absolutely unique shades, which add individuality to any tattoo, so it is recommended for both beginners, who want to start with some quality products, as well as professionals, who seek anything not to complain about. Ok, maybe just because they cannot get bigger bottles since they love these pigments way too much!

Sounds like a pretty tempting offer, doesn’t it?
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