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Permanent Makeup Needles Supplies

If you have a permanent cosmetics business or just want to try your hand at this kind of work, you will need to have all the things for that. At Solong Tattoo, you can purchase permanent make up needles wholesale and retail. With our professional needles, makeup artists will be able to delicately apply permanent color into the skin and create the most natural looks that people will ever see in this type of makeup. Permanent eyeliner is long-lasting and gentle; permanent lips are full and soft.

When it comes to perfect long-lasting makeup, there are two techniques that are used in the industry: traditional permanent makeup and microblading. Solong Tattoo has all the necessary supplies including needles that will provide fabulous results.

At our store, you can find various kinds of disposable needles, from traditional eyebrow needles to microblading needles. They allow permanent makeup artists to enhance their clients’ natural beauty of eyes and lips and even completely reconstruct missing eyebrows.

At our online store, you can also find the following categories of permanent tattoo needle cartridges:
  • EN20 Needle Cartridges
  • EN30 Needle Cartridges
  • EN40 Needle Cartridges

Regardless of the type of cosmetic tattoo needles you buy at Solong Tattoo, be confident that you will always get the products of only top-grade quality. All permanent makeup needles we offer are sterilized. They all come packed individually, so the safety of usage is guaranteed.
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