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Premium Bugpin Tattoo Needles

Do you need to make profoundly fine lines in your tattoo artworks? We are offering the instruments designed for subtle lines drawing – top-class bugpin tattoo needles (tapers).

When Bugpin Needles Are Indispensable

The bugpin tapers allow tattoo artists to achieve smooth gradients while drawing the works of high art requirements. They are especially handy in creating portraits or some avant-garde depictions, e.g. trash polka tattoos.

The artists have the opportunity to work with the highest accuracy due to the thinner needles in the tighter grouping. The tapers are so close together that the ink does not flow widely in the skin.

This choice is also great because the narrow grouping causes less trauma to the skin. Healing happens faster.

Features Of Our Bugpin Tapers

The assortment of Solingtattoo.com comprises the top-of-the-line bugpin needles:
  • #10 Bugpin Round Liner X Long Taper;
  • #10 Bugpin Magnum X Long Taper;
  • #10 Bugpin Curved Magnum X Long Taper;
  • #8 Bugpin Round Liner Long Taper;
  • #8 Bugpin Magnum Long Taper;
  • #8 Bugpin Curved Magnum Long Taper.

Even the etymology of the term “bugpin” gives us a hint that the sizes of these needles are smaller than the industry standard #12. Bug pins are the smallest pins which biologists used to pin some insects for research purposes.

The size marked with #8 is equal to 0.25mm in the diameter. The #8 tapers are perfect for making the finest lines.

A #10 needle which is 0.30 mm in the diameter is also known as a 00 (zero zero) taper. It is a kind of the golden mean for many tattoo artists. The taper encompasses the advantages of #8 and #12 needles but to a lesser extent. It makes finer lines and cause less trauma than #12 but is more powerful regarding shading and thick lines than #8.
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