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Premium Standard Tattoo Needles

The choice of a proper needle matters to every tattoo artist. The better the tools, the more accurate designs they can create. With that in mind, a needle is considered to be the unique feature of a tattoo machine. Tattooers’ skills highly depend on the proficiency of needle usage. Due to the range of goods in Solong Tattoo, artists may add some diversity while creating a piece of art on a body.

Get an Ultra-Smooth Feel

Depending on the intended function, our selection of tattoo needles provides professionals with means for better cornering, lining, blending or shading. Right here you may choose from:
  • #12 Round Liner Regular Tight.
  • #12 Round Liner Super Tight.
  • #12 Round Shader Medium Taper.
  • #12 Magnum Medium Taper.
  • #12 Magnum Long Taper.
  • #12 Curved Magnum Medium Taper.
  • #12 Curved Magnum Long Taper.

If you want to deliver the most precise ink application, it is high time to upgrade your toolkit with a variety of configurations. Our needles feature #12 diameter to ensure smooth motion and accurate ink flow. We recommend picking rounds for shading work and magnums for more uniform color distribution. On the other hand, curved mags significantly contribute to cornering.

Solong Tattoo wants professional artists to have top-quality disposable needles always at hand. Opt for our kits which comprise of 50-5000 pieces to sharpen your tattooing techniques.
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