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New Vision of Art with Premium Textured Tattoo Needles

When it comes to a tattoo needle, a lot of artists around the world prefer a slightly upgraded item. A textured needle is believed to be a modification that leads to impressive results. The unmatched texture on its surface immeasurably improves the flow of ink while allowing for the advanced lining. When dealing with powder pigments or solid color tattooing, the needles of that type will serve as the most useful helpers. It is time to pick an ideal pre-sterilized needle among the selection of the Solong Tattoo store to feel the difference and take advantage of new tattooing opportunities:
  • #12 Textured Round Liner Regular Tight.
  • #12 Textured Round Shader Medium Taper.
  • #12 Textured Magnum Medium Taper.
  • #12 Textured Curved Magnum Medium Taper.

With an Increased Focus on Needles

A needle is what you are going to use more frequently than any other tattoo accessory. Therefore, you should pay special attention to its groupings, sizes, and configurations. These specifications are indicated in product descriptions. Various groupings are inevitable if you strive for more sophisticated tattoo designs. Whether you need a go-to for lining, shading, color fill or detail work, sets of our textured needles will enable you to find the royal road.
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