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Solong Tattoo Ink – the Biggest Supplies Offer You Can Imagine!

If you are wondering which brand has the best offer right now, in terms of both quality and number of pigments sets, the answer is simple: Solong Tattoo Ink.

We have an impressive number of tattoo colors in our kits, starting with basic 1/6oz bottles for ‘tattoo emergencies’, and ending up with the huge 16 oz bottles, for those times when you have some serious coloring to do. As a side note, ¼ oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz bottles are also available in the Solong Tattoo ink’s offer.

But wait, we are not done with these awesome pigments!

Knowing that tattoo artists have various needs, we have designed the Solong pigment sets in various combinations, like 7 basic colors or 14 basic colors, perfect for starters. But what if you’re a pro who wants to add more colors in his or her works of art? No problem, you’re all covered, thanks to the 21, 28 or 54 colors tattoo ink sets.

Finally, let’s not forget about the prices, which can be simply described as “incredibly affordable”.

Considering this, what are you all waiting for? Give these pigments a try, and you will be thrilled by their quality!
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