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Stainless Steel Tattoo Grips

You just can’t do your thing with some poor quality tattoo grips, right? Yeah, we know, the struggle is real! But hey, there’s no need to panic, since we have some good news for you. Ready for this: steel tattoo grips are here, and they’re about to make your work easier.

Stainless steel tattoo grips: what are they and where can I get them?

Ah, glad you ask! Basically, they’re just your regular tattoo grips but made out of steel, so they won’t break in time or, who knows, maybe in a few moments, like other cheap, presumed steel tattoo grips you can find in some shady marketplaces.

They’re available at Solong Tattoo in different sizes, as it follows:
3/4"" (19mm) Diameter
1"" (25mm) Diameter
1.2"" (30mm) Diameter
1.4"" (35mm) Diameter

Yes, no matter the complexity of the tattoo you’re about to make, you have all the sizes you need here. And if you haven’t used stainless steel grips before, it’s enough to try them at least once — you will see how much of a difference they can make.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and get your first set of steel tattoo grips and thank us later!
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