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Tattoo Foot Pedal Is a Recipe for Effective Work

Not so long ago tattoo artists had to apply a hearing method to identify whether a machine was running smoothly enough. Taking a step back from the relics of the past, today we rely on tattoo machine pedals to do that for us. These footswitches allow for the superb gun control to create brilliant tattoo designs. Speed adjustment at your convenience substantially contributes to performance and makes the tattooing procedures easier.
Such a comfort booster is of crucial importance under the conditions of extremely long sessions. A responsive and easy-to-press tattoo pedal enables an artist to avoid exhaustion while performing at the highest level. With the range of foot-switch units at the Solong Tattoo store, your working experience will be exponentially improved.

Ways to Facilitate Your Work with the Help of Solong Tattoo:

  • Choose the most advanced tattoo machine foot pedals ever designed for artists.
  • Pick our products which are upgraded with stainless steel and anti-skid pad.
  • Use lightweight and portable footswitches. This means you can install them in a parlor as well as any other place.
  • Select the color you like.

As an extra feature, we offer wireless tattoo foot pedals for sale if you cannot stand using cords. Solong Tattoo proves that there is no need to sacrifice your comfort for better performance.
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