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Check Our Lineup of Tattoo Ink Holders and Cups

Another thing that will come in handy at a parlor is a tattoo cup holder. Such an item can ensure your pigments are adequately fixed and impossible to knock over. Here we offer tattoo ink cup holders with a different number of slots to boost comfort of an artist. They come in various shapes, including flabellate, rectangular, and oval.

Having a set of pigments within reach of a hand facilitates tattooing as well as makeup procedures substantially. All tattoo ink cup holders have been previously tested for you to get the top-notch supplies. If you have a considerable amount of pigments, from now on their storage will not cause any difficulties. Opt for our holders to be convinced.

An ink cup is also a must for every artist. At Solong Tattoo, you are to find an extensive variety of single-use plastic caps, which are designed to avoid a risk of accidental spillage. They are available in white, yellow, and red colors. Whatever size you need, be sure to find it at our store. Besides, you can order a package that is composed of one thousand tattoo cups.

Just take a look at Solong wholesale prices and make your order right now!

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