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Tatto Needle Cartridges

On our website, you can find tattoo cartridges with different configurations. Made of the highest quality materials, they are the reflection of the fundamental trend in the tattoo industry – the switch-over from a needle on a bar to needle cartridges.

Benefits And Features

Searching for cheap tattoo needle cartridges online you want to find great specifications for smooth and professional performance. You will enjoy great usability and technical features with these sought-after versions:
  • EN03 Spring Needle Cartridges;
  • EN05 Membrane Needle Cartridges;
  • EN06 Membrane Needle Cartridges.

We never display the tattoo needle cartridges for sale if we are not sure that they are:
  • Assembled in the most hygienic conditions;
  • 100% pre-sterilized and packed in sterile packages;
  • Durable;
  • Compatible with most cartridge grips/hawk machines;
  • Super easy to exploit;
  • Perfectly jigged and soldered so that every tip flawlessly fits its grouping.


Looking for tattoo cartridges to buy take into consideration whether the configuration meets your requirements.

A tattoo needle cartridge usually goes with a code like this - 1204RL. The first two digits are the diameter of the needles, the second two – the number of the needles, and the letters define the way they are grouped. According to the code 1204RL, we have 4 needles which are #12 or 35mm in the diameter and grouped in a round liner. The needle groupings work either on the basis of a spring or silicon holder.

Look through our cheap tattoo needle cartridges online and find the size, quantity, and grouping that is perfect for your artist style!
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