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# 12 Tattoo Needles for Sale

Choose different kinds of disposable tattoo needles #12. They are considered to be the biggest in diameter and the most popular among tattoo artists. These needles are durable and made of high-quality material. At our store, you can find the following types of #12 needles:

#12 RL-Round Liner (RL) is excellent for lining and detailed work. This type of needles is made with 0.35mm needle gauge wire that creates perfectly crisp outlines.

#12 RS-Round Shader is great for blending and shading a tattoo after the outline has been created. It’s perfect for filling in color and lining when turned to the side.

#12 M1-Single Stack Magnum is a flat shader used for blending, color, and shading tighter large areas.

#12 M2-Double Stack Magnum needles are not as wide as standard magnums. They have two rows of micro needles that are stacked tighter than M1 needles, that’s why they feel about 40% smaller.

#12 RM-Round Stack Magnum needles are used for artwork, shading, and some lines. This type of needles allows artists to experiment with angles and strokes without getting too deep into the skin.

#12 F-Flat Shader is a group of micro needles grouped together in a line formation and attached to the needle bar. Flat shaders are perfect for creating geometric tattoos. They are used for shading and coloring.

All the needles we sell are sterilized and packed in white boxes.

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