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Tattoo Practice Skin

Here you see a brand-new synthetic skin for practicing tattoo craft and developing the skill to the level when you are able to work on the humans’ skin. Go through thick and thin with your needle machine developing outlining and shading skills on a fake skin for tattooing practice before you become an unsurpassed tattoo artist.

Our skins are flexible enough to wrap them around an arm or leg or tightly lay them on a chest or back. So, you are going to have almost real tattooing experience. Just avoid excessive piercing when making tattoos on the sheets wrapping real skin. Practice in different angles and use two sides of the skin, as it is thick enough for double use.

If you intend to buy tattoo practice skin, assure that there are no impurities, the skin is absolutely plain, has high elasticity. The Solong Tattoo offer is affordable, resistant to deformation and absolutely pure skin, compressed in such a way that it resembles real human skin. You will not often find a cheap tattoo practice skin which makes you feel like it is human skin, but this product is the case!

We are proud to be among the top-line tattoo practice skin suppliers due to the price and quality of our skin!

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