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Tattoo Tubes, Tips & Grips

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, starting to make your first tattoos, or already a pro with tons of designs in your portfolio, as one thing is sure: to have happy clients, you should always use high-quality tattoo equipment and supplies. This includes everything from ink to various accessories, like tattoo grips, tips or tubes.

Where can I find the best tattoo grips and tubes?

Nowadays, there are tons of online stores offering a wide selection of tattoo supplies. Therefore, you should have no problems with finding the materials you need, be it tattoo tubes or grips. However, it’s always good to know that you are picking the best tattoo supplies available on the market.
Solong Tattoo offers a great selection of accessories for your saloon, including disposable tubes made with anti-slip silica gel (yes, it’s not plastic). These tubes are individually packaged and pre-sterilized with ethylene oxide, for the safety of your clients and yours as well. They are available in standard size, and suitable for all sorts of tattoo machines, featuring a 1.0” diameter.

All the tattoo grips and tips you need!

At Solong Tattoo, you can pick some excellent tips as well.  We offer a wide range of superior tattoo grips, including round tips, which are perfect for round liner and round shader needles, flat tips that are suitable for flat and magnum needles, and diamond tips, which are compatible with round liners and round shader needles.
No matter the materials you need, they are available in various packages, with different quantities, so you can pick those that are the most suitable for your needs and, of course, the number of clients.
As a special offer, everybody who wants to buy larger quantities is eligible for a discount, obtaining an even better price than the factory-direct wholesale one. Just make sure you contact Solong Tattoo before placing an order!

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