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Solong® Tattoo Supply
Professioneller Tattoo-Hersteller

Solong Tattoo Supply ist eine professionelle Tattoo-Maschine, Tattoo-Nadel-Patronen, Tattoo-Tinte Führer und Hersteller in China.

Die Solong Tattoo Company hat ihren Hauptsitz und arbeitet in einer 50000 Quadratmeter großen, zertifizierten Produktionsstätte. Das Unternehmen verfügt über ein fortschrittliches technisches Leistungs- und Managementsystem sowie über eine eigene Forschungs- und Entwicklungsabteilung, die es uns ermöglicht, unsere Maschinen, Nadeln und Patronen selbst zu entwickeln, anzupassen und zu erneuern. Alle Werkzeuge, die wir unter unserer Marke anbieten, werden gemäß den US- und EU-Normen hergestellt, um den Anforderungen des Weltmarktes gerecht zu werden.

Warum uns wählen

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Fully Certificated Products

The machines and needles cartridges are fully certificated by Authority. The sterilize Report, CE test report,FDA,MSDS,etc. So there’s no hassle for your import need. And we have sufficient experience to handle custom issues.

Große Auswahl

Solong Tattoo Supply, as the manufacturer of Pro Tattoo Machine, Tattoo Cartridges, provide a wide selection of products catering to different applications and professional requirements.


Alle Geräte, Nadeln, Tinten und anderes Zubehör, das Sie von CNC Tattoo bekommen haben, bieten wir 12-Monats-Garantie-Politik. Sie können Rücksendungen und Rückerstattungen beantragen, solange die Bedingungen unserer Politik einhalten.

Goldene Normen

The reason that Solong's products are so popular comes from the strict requirement and standard to manufacturing procedure. Our company is certified under the international quality management standard of ISO9001.2015

Schnelle Lieferung

All Solong tattoo supply machines, needle cartridges and accessories with a fast delivery service. Fast shipping means early sale and more opportunity you’ll gain. There's Warehouse in US and EU. We will arrange for delivery near you.

Außergewöhnliche Technik

Solong Tattoo adopts advanced manufacturing technology, and professional R&D team researching the market trends which made our products more competitive in design and functions.

2000 +

Wholesaler & distributors

500 +

Done Project

300 +

On Progress

1000 +

Long-term Parters

Solong Tattoo Versorgung Arbeitskräfte

Advance types of machinery are nothing without the force working behind their buttons. Solong Tattoo Supply is a balance of advanced technology and professionals. The Company is backed by more than 500 employees under the production department and team management. 30 people on the sales and support team. 20 on the Research and development department, and 40+ managerial staff.

solong inspection team

Solong Tattoo Versorgung
Needle cartridges Inspection team

To achieve quality needle cartridges and machines, Solong implements strict quality inspection and testing. All procedures are made under the certified roof of the company’s facility. Solong tattoo is equipped with advanced inspection equipment and testing rooms that accurately tell our professionals where our tattoo needle cartridges, tattoo machines stand. 

Our history

Dream Start Here In 2008.

Solong Tattoo Studio Build

The Founder Of Solong Tattoo - Jack Wang Is a Tattoo Master Who Has Been dive into Tattoo Design, Tattoo Technics For More Than 10 Years. The Biggest hobby outside of His Work is to Delve into tattoo machines and tattoo needles. The Solong Studio Products Are Mainly the handmade machines.


Solong Company

After Years Of Tattoo Manufacturing and Developing. Solong Build Great Reputation for Its Quality And Service. The Worldwide Demands increase exponentially. Our Factory Fund and Can Provide Much More tattoo Equipment and Tattoo Supplies for tattoo artists worldwide.

2014 Solong Tattoo Factory Founded


Solong Biotechnology and R&D Team

Technology, Quality, user-friendship is the source of motivation to make Solong. The Designers & Engineers number has grown to 20 until 2015. That make our tattoo machines, tattoo needles unique and competitive.



2015 Solong Biotechnology Co.

Tattoo Industry Leader

Solong Group Tattoo Industry Leader

Now Days, The Solong Group has more than 200 employees, more than 8,000 square meters of production workshop, modern production workshop, professional R&D laboratory, etc.

Solong Tattoo Supply has many years of experience in OEM and ODM processing of tattoo and tattoo equipment, The company has customers in Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Russia, New Zealand and other countries and regions. At the same time, we provide retail need for professional tattoo artists and tattoo studio which you can buy our ready to ship products at almost  wholesale price.

We cooperated with tattoo artists worldwide. You thought and ideas are fully respected. We welcome professional tattoo artists to join Solong Team and Share your Review of our products

solong tattoo supplier factory 1

Solong Tattoo Supply Factory

The Manufactory Center - Needle Cartridges, Tattoo Machines, PMU Machines and other supplies.

solong biotechnology center

Solong Biotechnology Center

The research Center and lab.


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