Professional Coil Tattoo Machines
Thanks to the top-notch equipment, tattooers can create impressive body art. With our selection of coil tattoo machines, artists get an opportunity to upgrade their skills to the next level and make their works unforgettable. These guns significantly contribute to more accurate lines, vibrant colors, and personal touch. Solong Tattoo provides artists with coil tattoo machines for sale to reach the pinnacle of distinctness. It is the perfect place to pick up a tool that will transform your vision into a real masterpiece.

High-quality coil tattoo guns are a must for every master and parlor. If you are working on more sophisticated designs, you can’t go without shades and lines. They belong to the unique techniques that set tattooers apart. Our store offers the best coil tattoo machines from well-known manufacturers to add these effects to your toolkit. Get an іnsight into the evolution of Micky Sharpz, Danny Flower, Damascus, Custom Brass, Casting Iron, Punching Frame, Cut Back Liner, Beginner, and other tattoo staff at our store.

Aiming at retail and wholesale markets, Solong Tattoo is a mix of equipment reliability and quality for everyone in the industry. We ensure the flawless operation of a tattoo gun that is a cornerstone for creating fancy body designs.

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