EN05S Round Shader Cartridge Needle / RS 50PCS

$34.95 $37.95
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With the help of EN05S needle cartridges, you’ll have a new experience while tattooing that the surfaces are filled consistently, reliably, and most importantly, more efficiently. EN05S tattoo needle will also give your customer a completely different tattoo experience – less trauma for their skin.


  • Una nueva experiencia para los tatuadores y los clientes de los tatuadores: consistencia del flujo de tinta y menos traumatismo en la piel.
  • Rebote de silicona suave, perfectamente adaptado al motor Faulhaber, con baja resistencia y sin dañar el motor.
  • Punta transparente para facilitar la observación de la TINTA.
  • Aguja de acero inoxidable quirúrgico. 100% EO Gas Esterilizado y empaquetado individualmente, carcasa de plástico de grado médico.
  • Envasado estéril y respetuoso con el medio ambiente.
  • Décadas de experiencia en la fabricación de agujas de tatuaje, aguja artesanal adecuada para trabajos ultraprecisos y omnidireccionales.


  • Configuración: Cartucho de sombreado redondo/RS
  • Diámetro de la aguja: 0,30 mm (empieza por 10) - 0,35 mm (empieza por 12)
  • Cantidad de cajas: 50 cartuchos
  • Punta transparente
  • Carcasa de un solo molde
  • Puntas de plástico de calidad médica
  • Membrana de seguridad
  • Compatible con empuñaduras de cartucho y con la mayoría de las máquinas de marca del mercado.
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Información adicional

Información adicional

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Needle Types & Sizes

EN05S Round Shader Cartridge Needle / RS 50PCS

EN05S Round Shader Cartridge Needle / RS 50PCS

$34.95 $37.95


Innovator of Tattoo Needle Cartridges

Quelle is a High-end cartridge needle brand, made of high-quality stainless steel & medical grade materials. All needles have been sterilized by ethylene oxide before the sale and have passed the FDA and CE test and certificatedQuelle needles have been tested by many professional tattoo artists and keeping on improving by customers’ feedback. It allow you to replace the tattoo needle in seconds.  You can switch effortlessly between the 68 different Quelle configurations.

The sterile & individually packaged tattoo needle saves you from hygiene worries while creating your tattoo work.

classical color matching design of quelle tattoo needle cartridges

Classic Color Match Design
Quelle Cartridges

The classic color combination gives a sense of stability. We tested hundreds of people using different colors of tattoo needles. Qulle used a color combination that made the customers feel safe and professional.

Quelle Tatoo Needles Structure
Designed According to Artists Needs

quelle tattoo needle structure

Premium Needle

The Quelle tattoo needle is made of 316L stainless steel. The needle surface is polished.

Cartridge Tip

The needle is made of highly transparent medical grade plastics, and the tattoo artist can observe the absorption of colors

Premium Needle

The new nano-silica gel has the advantages of soft elasticity and Low resistance and can protect motors.

Positioning Parts

We have specially designed positioning parts for a small number of RL / RS needles,which do not swing to the left or to the right during rapid traverse.

Configurations (developing more…)

Liner redondo (RL)

Round Liner are tightly grouped 7.5mm super long X-taper needles.

  • 1003RL-X taper
  • 1005RL-X taper
  • 1007RL-X taper
  • 1009RL-X taper
  • 1011RL-X taper
  • 1014RL-X taper
  • Cónica 1201RL-X
  • Cónica 1203RL-X
  • Cónica 1205RL-X
  • Cónica 1207RL-X
  • Cónica 1209RL-X
  • Cónica 1211RL-X
  • 1214RL-X cónico

Sombreado redondo

Round Shaders are loosely grouped 3.5mm M-taper needles.

  • 1003RS-M cónico
  • 1005RS-M cónico
  • 1007RS-M cónico
  • 1009RS-M cónico
  • 1011RS-M cónico
  • 1014RS-M cónico
  • 1203RS-M cónico
  • 1205RS-M cónico
  • 1207RS-M cónico
  • 1209RS-M cónico
  • 1211RS-M cónico
  • 1214RS-M cónico

Magnum M1

M1 are the agujas that are soldered in one row at the base, but at the end they are divided into 2 rows in staggered order. Such agujas are used for different shading density.

  • 1007M1-M taper
  • 1009M1-M taper
  • 1011M1-M taper
  • 1013M1-M taper
  • 1015M1-M taper
  • 1017M1-M taper
  • 1019M1-M taper
  • 1021M1-M taper
  • 1023M1-M taper
  • 1025M1-M taper
  • 1027M1-M taper
  • 1205M1-M taper
  • 1207M1-M taper
  • 1209M1-M taper
  • 1211M1-M taper
  • 1213M1-M taper
  • 1215M1-M taper
  • 1217M1-M taper
  • 1219M1-M taper
  • 1221M1-M taper
  • 1223M1-M taper

Round Magnum/Curved Magnum

Magnum redondo Tattoo Needles are similar to a Standard Magnum Tattoo Needle except the ends of the needles are curved in a quarter moon shape instead of being straight across.

  • 1007RM-M cónico
  • 1009RM-M cónico
  • 1011RM-M cónico
  • 1013RM-M cónico
  • 1015RM-M cónico
  • 1017RM-M cónico
  • 1019RM-M cónico
  • 1021RM-M cónico
  • 1023RM-M cónico
  • 1025RM-M cónico
  • 1027RM-M cónico
  • 1205RM-M cónico
  • 1207RM-M cónico
  • 1209RM-M cónico
  • 1211RM-M cónico
  • 1213RM-M cónico
  • 1215RM-M cónico
  • 1217RM-M cónico
  • 1219RM-M cónico
  • 1221RM-M cónico
  • 1223RM-M cónico

Needle Gauges



Needle Tapers

X-Taper 7.5mm


Needle Finishes


Smooth Polish


If there is no – TX on the needle package, it means that the tattoo needle is polished. 

On CNC online store, we have routinely configured 68 items that are commonly used by the market. You can choose them from the drop-down menu. If you need an unconventional item or if there is no one on our menu, you can always contact us by online chat or email.


  •  7.0mm Super Long taper
  •  0.30mm Fine needle


quelle tattoo needle bugpin

Quelle Tattoo Needle
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