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What are the characteristics of the Shader Coil machine and Liner Coil machine in terms of performance?

Liner Coil machine: the requirements for the liner machine are fast in and pull back of the needle cartridge, so as not to cause too much trauma to skin!
The requirements of the Shading machine are different, depending mainly on the technique of each tattooist and the use of habits! Read this article from Stigma Tattoo Supply about the difference between shading coil machine and liner coil machine.

How to adjust and choose the stroke of the machine?

According to the habits of each person and the nature of your client’s skin!
For Europeans, tattoo artists often use a larger stroke tattoo machine. Because the European dermis compared to the Asian is deeper. This is also the reason why tattooists in Euro and US pursue large strokes. In general 3.5 mm stroke length can meet the vast majority of tattooists on a variety of skin tattoo needs.

How can I solve the worn-out of a Coil tattoo machine?

Loosen the contact screw when not working so the tense will keep in good status. Change the front spring and the back spring when you find they’re seriously worn.

coil tattoo machine structure

Can I have multiple tattoo stroke length in one machine?

In general, a tattoo machine has only one fixed stroke, and machines with multiple strokes are more complex in structure. Sometimes there are some unexpected problems. Some of the popular rotary machines on the market, such as the CNC X WE and CNC X WE Plus, can only be changed by changing the eccentric wheel cam to achieve the purpose of changing the stroke. The disadvantage is that it needs to be changed manually and can not be automated.

However, with the improvement of the machining process, there are some tattoo supplier and manufacturers who have reduced this cost to an acceptable level. For example, the CNC P6 rotary tattoo pen have 5 stroke options, which will give more freedom for artists when creation.

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