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How To Keep Your Tattoo Machine Maintained?

Tattooing, as an invasive skin act, requires the highest level of hygiene. While many of the tools tattoo artists need in their daily work have been replaced by disposable products, the most vital tool – the tattoo machine, gets used over and over again, since it is essential to clean as well as sterilize it frequently.

If you intend to use your tattoo machine for several years, after that maintaining it well is a priority. The vibration brought about by the tattooing process puts pressure on the machine’s parts, which can easily make some of them break as well as fall off. If left unattended can affect the accuracy of the work and in serious cases may even harm the customer.

Clean and Sterilize

Why clean the machine before disinfection? Cleaning must occur as the first step before disinfection or sterilization, or the process of disinfection or sterilization will be ineffective. Without cleaning, disinfection can’t be performed reliably. Cleaning removes organic and inorganic materials from instruments-such as blood, dirt or mucus-that open the door to cross-contamination if they are not cleaned off before disinfection.

Never do

  • Don’t use bleach as your cleaner. Although we most often hear the use of bleach cleaning, for this behavior I strongly disagree, the power of bleach is too strong to rust your machine’s spring.
  • Don’t take water directly to directly flush. Once the water enters the coil, the machine will cause damage.
  • Don’t disassemble the machine for cleaning. The cleaning process once the water comes into contact with key parts may lead to fatal damage to the machine.

Need do

  • The correct way to clean is to use disinfectant cleaning.
  • First, you can spray the selected disinfectant spray on the parts, leave it for 10 minutes, then turn the machine and repeat the same operation until all sides are disinfected.
  • Next, you can use alcohol solution and alcohol wipes to wipe the residual disinfectant, after this operation, the machine is considered to be completely disinfected.


The surface of the machine will also suffer a certain degree of corrosion during the cleaning process, which does not affect your behavior in cleaning the machine. The solution is to lubricate these areas regularly with the correct lubricant. If you do not know what lubricant to use, olive oil is a better choice. This oil is harmless to humans and will not cause any harm if it accidentally touches a wound or skin.

How to properly operate the lubrication of your machine? You can use paper towels to apply a small amount of oil to the part that needs to be lubricated, if an area is too remote or relatively small, it’s better to use cotton swabs to operate. Pay special attention not to forgetting to oil the spring and electric drive lever, these parts are very easy to rust location.

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting the machine parts, using bags is also a very necessary way to maintain the machine. Keep the machine in bags before and after use, and clean and disinfect the machine thoroughly after each use to keep it sanitary for the next use.


The right way to maintain the machine can completely extend the length of use of the machine, serving you a longer tattoo career. As not professional machine maintenance personnel, we don’t do some things that are harmful to the machine, for a long time you have a handy machine to do tattoo work.

Beautiful machines require not only careful manufacturing but also daily maintenance. And so do great tattoo works. If you are interested in tattoo after-care, please refer to the article about tattoo after-care on the website


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