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How to Remove Tattoo on Your Body? 5 Recomanded Methods

Until not too long ago, tattoos were truly permanent. However, this doesn’t mean the decision should be taken lightly. Tattoo removal can cost from a few hundred dollars to thousands and the process is a lengthy and painful one. So better be sure before you get that dragon inked on your back.

There are some friends who like tattoos very much, and then they don’t want them anymore and want to “wash” them off, but tattoos is not easy to remove since it injects the tattoo ink into the skin somehow deeply. But there’s always a way to solve this. So, today we will share 5 ways to remove tattoos.

how tattoo needle work

1. Liquid nitrogen freezing Removal method

It is the use of liquid nitrogen freezing way to make the superficial skin institutions shrink off and then wash away the tattoo method. In fact, the liquid nitrogen mole spotting apparatus.

  • Advantages: Faster removal.
  • Disadvantages: Not easy to remove tattoos clearly. Need to apply anesthetic, and will leave superficial scars.

2. Implant method of tattoo removal

suitable for removing deeper tattoo patterns (straight to the dermis and subcutaneous tissue), this method can eradicate tattoos, followed by very obvious scars, and the process is very painful. Currently, more and tattooists used to use rotary tattoo machines, the frequency is higher and the inject depth is also easy to control. So, if you’re not sure how would you like the tattooing on your skin in the future, tell the artist do it slighter.

3. Skin grinding method to remove tattoos

It is the way by mechanical equipment grinding out the superficial part of the skin, removing the melanin part of it. This method is suitable for the elimination of shallow tattoo patterns, but the defects are also very obvious, that is, after the tattoo surgery will be skin pigmentation or loss, for the deeper melanin can not be completely eliminated.

4. Laser cauterization method of tattoo washing

It is the use of laser cauterization carbonization of superficial leather internal skin institutions and then washing away the tattoo.

  • Advantages are: not easy to cause scarring.
  • Disadvantages: May need several sessions for large tattooing, generally 3-5 times. And the deeper the tattoo is the harder it will be.

5. Organic chemical erosion method

Usually, dilute weak acidic aqueous solution leads to shallow skin cauterization so that melanin with atrophy scarring down. Advantages: cheap, so to speak, very cheap. Disadvantages: Zhao into burn scars, very obvious, affecting the aesthetic.

The last, and is currently recognized as the world’s best way to get rid of tattoos, is the honeycomb microsecond, he also belongs to a laser, but the difference is that it is only on the skin inside the melanin factor, the large area of black matter laser decomposition into very small factors, there is skin metabolism out of the body. Pros: It does not hurt the skin at all, there are no scars, it is very fast and works very well. Disadvantages: the price is more expensive.

There are several ways to remove tattoos, the last one is highly recommended, although the price is more expensive but very amazing, a little will not damage the skin, with no tattoo before the same look.

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