How To Set Up The Needle Depth

Getting a tattoo is an interesting point to do, however, have you ever before asked yourself exactly how deep the tattoo needle gets to the skin when you get a tattoo? Is it harmful to our bodies? And just how do the tattoo artists accurately set up the depth of the tattoo needle?

To understand the above concerns, we have to first understand the framework of our human skin.

The structure of our skin

Everyone’s skin has three layers, epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue.

  • The epidermis is the skin surface and the outer layer of the skin. It provides a protective barrier against water and keeps the skin tone
  • The dermis, placed just beneath the epidermis, is the layer containing all the connective tissue, as well as sweat glands and hair follicles.
  • Subcutaneous tissue or hypodermis is the layer that stores the fat and connective tissue.

how to set up the needle depth

The dermis is our target tattoo layer, he lies listed below our epidermis, between 1 and 2 mm. Certainly, the precise deepness varies from one person to another, with a minimum depth of 1mm, and an optimum depth of 2 mm. The tattoo needle reaches a depth in this range to be an effective tattoo. The body can also use its strong immune system to break down the ink that accurately enters the dermis, which generally does not affect our health.

What Happens to tattoo needles on Each Layer of the Skin?

Why emphasize this range? Too trial or shallow in the depth of the needles will produce different effects.

If the tattoo needle only gets into the epidermis layer, the ink will be obtained from the skin in addition to the bleeding when the needle leaves the skin The result is that when the tattoo heals, a lot of the ink will leave the skin, leaving just some untidy and also faded tattoos.

On the other hand, if the needle enters the skin too deeply into the subcutaneous layer, more serious problems may arise. After entering the subcutaneous layer, the ink is difficult to leave the skin and people may develop serious tattoo infections and skin allergies

I wonder if it is most intuitive to illustrate the appropriateness of the depth of the needle by the performance of the outlined lines.

how to set up the needle depth

If the ink is only sent to the epidermis, the line is really weak and patched. The ink is accurately sent to the dermis, the line is solid. If the lines are presented like the lines drawn on wet paper, then the ink must be sent to the subcutaneous tissue to appear in such a situation, which is called blowouts. Of course, to appear satisfied with the lines can not be separated from the continuous practice. It will be gradually mastered how to accurately send the ink to the dermis layer in process of practice, to complete the perfect line presentation.

Technique for setting the depth of the tattoo needle

To accurately reach the dermis with tattoo needles, tattoo beginners need to go through repeated practice. Also, we also got some answers from professional tattoo artists about setting the specific depth of the needle.

This depth, if we’re talking about an exact value, is considered by professional tattoo artists to be 1/16th of an inch deep into the skin. It means that the ink can be placed exactly 2 mm between the dermis layers.

The thickness of the skin varies from body part to body part, such as the thickness of the epidermis on the arm is less than the thickness of the abdomen (this conclusion holds true for most people), so to not make mistakes, you need to be familiar with this anatomy and the setting of the depth of the needle for different body parts.

Professional tattoo artists also offer two ways to help you find the exact depth of your tattoo.

  • Riding the tube

This approach implies relocating the device by pushing the barrel of the needle against the skin and also hanging the needle out 1/16 of an inch to ensure that the deepness of the tattoo needle is not too deep. This technique is suggested for tattoo beginners

  • Floating the needle

Floating the needle suggests that you require to hang the needle out a little bit more size, leaving some gap in between the skin and also the needle, leaving adequate room to observe the tattoo job you are doing. But this method additionally has actually the included opportunity of creating a blowout. If you are using this technique for the very first time, be sure to pay high attention to whether a blowout is happening. If you see a halo around the detailed lines better, then look out for a possible blowout, where the ink is sent to the subcutaneous cells.

Choosing the ideal needle size can additionally decrease the appearance of the blowout phenomenon, Generally speaking, the smaller sized the size the needle needs to overcome the surface area resistance is smaller sized. It is more likely to puncture the deepness of unfathomable, which in turn causes a blowout sensation

Also, professional tattoo artists have their own unique techniques to achieve the desired effect. They will typically hold the tattoo needle at a certain angle, by changing the slope to achieve their desired tattoo effect

Finding out to regulate the depth of the needle is an extremely vital action in learning tattoo methods, although it appears challenging, however as a hands-on task, it is extremely reliable to find out just how to make it function. I hope this write-up will certainly permit you to tattoo technology with more than one understanding, I wish it works for you.