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Newest High quality Boutique hollow cup motor tattoo pen suit

Newest High quality Boutique hollow cup motor tattoo pen suit
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1.EM138-1 Solong fine hollow cup motor tattoo pen 1 black
2.P192-1 mini digital display aluminum alloy power supply 1 set
3.P199-RCA mini battery power supply-RCA 1 set
4.EN07-20KIT-A second-generation Xia'an closed integrated needle mixed 20 needles 1 box
5. Self-adhesive tattoo bandage handle bandage 2 pcs
6. 2 large gloves/pair (suit) 1 pack
7. Plastic suit box No. 3 (solong) black 27.5*23*8.21 pcs
8. New style color cup with base 30 large, medium and small 1 pack
9.TA619 5 pieces with packaging waterproof tattoo PU film 15*18cm 1 pack
10.TC240 waterproof tattoo tablecloth (tablecloth approximately 42*33) 5 sheets
11. 1 P214 stainless steel mini pedal

Motor specifications: Φ24.1*30.7 shaft length 12mm
Color: fine sand black + red circle
Rated voltage: 10V DC
Product Name: Haoyuan Grizzly Motor Tattoo Pen
Rated power: 4.5W
Material: Aluminum
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Production process: CNC machining, fine polishing, oxidative coloring
Working voltage and speed: 6V speed 3780RPM
Interface: DC interface 8V
Speed: 5040RPM
Starting voltage: 4.0V 9V
Speed ​​6300RPM
Needle stroke 0-4.0mm
Needle length 3mm
Function and selling point
The product head is relatively wide, the overall center of gravity is forward, the hand grip is comfortable, the working position can effectively slow down the returning force of the tattoo needle, and the operation is easier; the black matt black with the bright red collar makes the whole more The texture and contour have a distinct layering and gradual progress. The product is also equipped with a high-quality motor that is widely used at present. The torque is strong and the shaft rotates smoothly. The unique head-end knob ball is used for softer and more intuitive. It is convenient to assist the operator in judging the length of the needle, and the DC5.5+6.3 and 3.5-head double-headed lines are more practical.
Packing and accessories
Packing: black box (including two small black boxes) + PE plastic protection net cover black Accessories: one divided into two lines --- DC male + (6.3 male and 3.5 audio) 1.8 meters + desiccant
Working voltage 7-11V, must not be overloaded for a long time, the maximum withstand torque is 189.3g.cm
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