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Shopping Coupon for Xmas Season

Dear valued customer,

Welcome to Solong Tattoo online store, the latest coupons for this Xmas Season shopping Season available now. You can use those coupons to save more.

1. Coupon A: $6 off $60+, Coupon Code:  SL1912A

2. Coupon B: $10 off $120+, Coupon Code: SL1912B

3. Coupon C: $15 off $240+, Coupon Code: SL1912C

4. Coupon D: $30 off $360+, Coupon Code: SL1912D

5. Coupon E: $50 off $600+, Coupon Code: SL1912E

6. Coupon F: $80 off $1000+, Coupon Code: SL1912F

7. Coupon G: $120 off $1800+, Coupon Code: SL1912G

8. Coupon H: $180 off $2400+, Coupon Code: SL1912H

These coupons valid until Dec. 31, 2019. You should registed as a member before using these Coupons.

Please click the button "Apply Coupon Code" and enter the 7 digital Coupon Code when you checkout your order.

Wish you enjory your shopping,any questions please feel free to contact us.smileysmileycheeky

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