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Giovanni Vassallo is a young and talented tattoo artist with over ten years of expirience that in his artistic period he managed to find the right reasons to specialize in a style as particular as it is complicated, the realistic. He lives in Genoa and works in his studio, the Gold Ink, where he receives and is available to advise you on the best solution for your tattoo.



Guinness World record holder for longest continuous tattoo time.He is Giovanni Vassallo from Genoa,Italy and workes for his tattoo studio named The Golden Ink...

 Ivan Jerez Abanses is a tattoo artist from Spain.
Specialized in a neo-traditional style. He has been in the trade for more than 12 years...

Daniel Rueda,  a Colombian Tattoo artist, recognized for his Blackwork-Dotwork tattoo style, likes challenges and participates in different conventions around the world...


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