Why for Beginners?

For those who just entering the tattoo industry or engaged in a relatively short period of time for the junior tattoo artists, the tattooing techniques and skills are not very veteran. Rashly tattooed on the skin there is a great risk. So we recommend that junior tattoo artists should consider more in the practice of skin practice skills in order to be able to quickly find the feeling of tattooing, as well as master the appropriate tattoo skills.

We often get emails or messages from starter tattoo artists: “do you have any recommendations for tattoo machines or kits?”
This is probably the question that plagues many tattoo beginners – how do you choose the right machine and needle?
We usually recommend some of the more cost-effective tattoo kits, usually, they perform consistently and cost less.

The best tattoo kits for beginners can provide you with whatever you need to practice, and a bunch of educational products to aid you to construct a foundation to develop your abilities as a tattoo artist.

To begin with, the most effective tattoo starter kit is the Mill Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo. Below are full reviews of a couple of tattoo kits, as well as why they might work for you.

Rotary Tattoo Machine Or Coil Machine for beginners?

Read this blog from CNC Tattoo Supply about rotary tattoo machines and coil machines. For beginners on a budget, first, we recommend considering Solong complete tattoo kit without having to consider a rotary machine or a coil machine. If you have mastered the art of tattooing well and have a high-performance rotary tattoo machine without considering the price for it will be a very worthwhile investment.

Needle Choice – Traditional Needle or Needle Cartridge?

Thanks to the various types of tattoo grips, even older tattoo machines can be used with the latest safety needles by selecting the right grip.
The benefits of using the needle cartridge are self-evident: easy replacement, safety and hygiene, and more consistent performance. However, the downside is that it is more expensive (especially some big brands updated to set the price much higher than its own value). If you know enough about tattoo needles, you will not believe the more expensive needles have excellent performance.

In fact, the magnificent tattoo needle brands in the stability of the needle difference are not much. This does not become a reason for them to squeeze the fruits of the tattoo artist’s labor, but as a tattoo supplier practitioners should do for the industry’s contribution. This is also Solong team and CEO of the same point of view – let the tattoo artist at a reasonable price, to buy a great product.

Recommend tattoo needle –

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