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Hawink CNC® Wireless Battery Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen X-WE

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X-We weight:  176gram. The power bolt weight: 37.4gram

The capacity of X-WE’s power bolt is: 850mAh. After calculation by our team, a power bolt can be used for 3.5h-9h. The energy efficiency of each power bolt is as high as 85%. Its usage rate is greater than other batteries. The charging time of each power bolt needs 1.5h.

X-WE is the shortest drive we have designed so far, and it is not a direct drive. This means that it can be suitable for various tattoo effects, and its own vibration will be lower than other machines.

X-WE currently uses the motor “WE” designed by our team, which has extremely low energy consumption and is more energy-saving, which is in line with the “WE” green concept of the same earth.

X-WE’s auto-locking handle continues the design of X1. We think this design is very good. The handle will not fall off the machine anyway, which allows users to always get an accurate needle depth.
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