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A Complete Guide about Tattoo Needles

If you’re just getting into tattooing, you might be a bit confused by all the different types of tattoo needles available. How do you know when you should be using which type of needle? What do all the codes on the tattoo needles package mean? Today this article will give you an answer to the confusion about tattoo needles.

Configuration of tattoo needles and Used for

Round Liner

It is used for all types of lining, traditional, Neo-traditional,  Polynesian, Tribal, Script design. It keeps the ink in the concentrated area and the look of a line is more clearly seen. The common size is 1207RL.

Round Shader

Round Shader is packed more loosely to allow even color or shading. It is used for Color packing, blackwork, lining.

Weaved Magnum(M1)

It is used for colorwork, packing black, packing color, shading, and easy to angle. Weaved Magnums are grouped with 2 rows of needles in a weaved formation. This spacing allows more coverage while tattooing and the ability to hold more ink.

Stacked Magnum(M2)

It is used for colorwork, packing black, packing color, shading, and easy to angle. The needles on a stacked magnum are closer together than those on a regular

Curved Magnum(RM)

It is used for shading,color packing,packing,black,color blending,less,trauma design.Curved magnums are easy to recognize due to their 2 rows shape with curved structure. With these 2 rows spaced-out structures, the needles have room around themselves. Thus, they can hold more ink with increased better ink flow which allows the artist to cover a larger inked area at a faster speed.


It is used for shading, packing color, lining but it is less used.

Hollow Round Liner

It is similar to the Round liner but can hold more ink. It is used for All types of lining.

The meaning of all the codes on the tattoo needles package

We have a 1207RL tattoo needle as an example. Firstly, start with #12, this is the gauge of the needle. It means the size of the diameter across the needle’s thickest point. Now #12 is considered the standard gauge in the tattoo industry and as well as being called 0.35mm. Similarly, #10 is equivalent to 0.30mm.

Then the next number is 07. This number simply means how many needles are in this configuration. So in this example, we know there are seven needles in this group.

Finally, the RL means round liner. This tells us how the needles have been arranged.

So far 1207RL tells us there are seven #12 needles arranged in a Round Liner configuration.

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