After payment of orders, under normal circumstances, we will ship your order by expedited shipping within 48 hours. If there are irresistible factors, or we have holidays, we will inform customers of the shipment in advance.

There are multiple warehouses for Solong Tattoo, like in China, the United States, and Europe. So we will match the best shipping location according to the customers’ address. Also, we will ship the order out according to the shipping method selected by the customers.

Based on our past experience:

DHL for South America takes about 10 days.

  • DHL for Asia takes 3-5 days.
  • DHL for the USA takes 3-5 days.
  • DHL for Europe takes 5-10 days.

1. The address, zip code, phone number, room number, and other information filled in by customers will be contacted by the courier to refill the information because the courier cannot identify the information.

2. If the product is out of stock, we will delay the delivery and inform customers in advance.

3. There are irresistible external factors around the world, we will delay delivery and inform customers in advance.

If the order shows shipping free, no extra shipping cost will be charged.

If it needs freight, the website will show the related shipping costs which are based on the weight of the order and the selected shipping method. The charges of different standards shipping costs are different.


Please feel free to contact us through the website’s mailbox and the Contact. We will help you to deal with it together.

If there is a problem with your PayPal account, please contact PayPal.
If there is a problem with the bank transfer, please contact the local bank.

We accept bank transfers and Western Union. Please contact our official email address: sale[email protected] to ensure that the transfer is made securely.
Please do not trust any emails from domains.
If you have a PayPal account, you are well protected, which is what we want, and you can buy directly on the website.
If you transfer money to us, we will also protect your legal rights as well as PayPal!

Please check the outer packaging of the package carefully before signing for the goods. When you receive damaged goods, you can contact us for after-sales service. We will replace the damaged goods for you after we confirm the product failure.

If you find that you have purchased the wrong product or for some reason, you do not want to buy it, you can cancel your order free of charge before it is shipped. If the cancelation happens after the goods are shipped, you will have to pay the resulting shipping costs, and we will confirm with the courier company and send you the exact amount. This part fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

We will synchronize the logistics information to your order page after the shipment, you can follow the tracking details on the page to track the logistics information of the shipment.

Solong Service

Statement: We provide free machine repair and maintenance for our products within the warranty period.

After-sales service description:
1 If you purchase on the official website, leave a message to us through the after-sales service window of the official website or send an email to our after-sales mailbox.
2 For purchases on other platforms, please contact customer service.

Service Content:
1 If there is a serious quality problem with the product itself that makes it unusable, we will re-send the product for you, and we will take care of the shipping.
2 If there is only a small and simple fault, we will provide maintenance instructions to the customers, so you will repair it by yourself.
3. If the product is improperly operated or accidentally damaged during the quality warranty period, causing the machine to be unable to be used normally, we can provide paid repair service, we take care of the shipping for the cost of shipping by ourselves. If there is a situation in which the shipping cost is high, we can provide you with a discount for your new order. Specific discounts should be negotiated by us. The maximum discount does not exceed 30%. (Only Solong official website)

The following conditions are not included in the free after-sales service:

1 Artificial damage, accidental damage

2 Failure to follow the operating specifications causes the machine to operate innormally

3 Warranty time expired

4 No proof of purchase

The warranty period is 12 months when you are paying for your order, the warranty period will come into effect.

Notes: We provide repair services to customers worldwide, regardless of whether they are within the warranty period. During the warranty period, we will take more responsibilities. After the warranty period, we will also provide services and charge fees appropriately.

1 For products beyond the warranty period, we charge a small price of the manual fee. If we need to replace the parts, we will charge the cost of the parts. Of course, we will notify the customers of the cost in advance. We will evaluate whether the parts need to be replaced and repaired together. For products beyond the warranty period, customers need to pay the cost of express delivery.

2 If the user needs to repair the machine, first please contact us through the official website then inform us of the problems with the machine together with videos and photos. We will evaluate the possible problems of the machine, and then we will tell the customers the possible problems of the machine and the costs need. It is up to the customer to make sure whether to continue the maintenance. If the maintenance continues, we will repair it within 48 hours after receiving the product and the maintenance fee. After the repair is completed, we will notify the customers and communicate the shipping cost. If the customer believes that the maintenance cost is high and does not need the maintenance, we will provide a discount, there is no more than 20% for the customer’s new order. The discount is only on the Solong official website, and the specific discount can be used on the basis of the current selling price.