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ALL You Want To Know About Wireless Tattoo Machine


The fad of wireless tattoo machines is currently here in 2022. If you have an interest in wireless tattoo equipment but don’t know exactly how to select the best one, this post will certainly bring you some new ideas. Besides, there are some wireless tattoo machine referrals at the end of the article, don’t lose out.

What is a wireless tattoo machine?

A few years earlier, when traditional tattoo machines were commonly made use of for tattoo work, no one can imagine that all heavy power supplies and messy clip cords will be gone and just a wireless tattoo machine will replace everything in the future. The development of wireless tattoo machines to attain true freedom of movement say goodbye to cables to trip over or draw the device off the table to damage it on the flooring. After that, you likewise obtain a neater workroom. Besides, with a wireless tattoo device, you can also do tattoos anywhere, anytime, not limited to a tattoo workshop or a place at a certain location.

How to choose a wireless tattoo machine?

If you are walking into a tattoo store for purchasing wireless tattoo equipment currently, these are the parts you should consider.


When we select a wireless tattoo pen, the overall weight of the device is the very first factor we think about. If a piece of tattoo equipment including battery weight is extremely heavy, it is unworthy of paying a high amount of money to get it.

Needles Compatibility

If you just purchase a wireless machine alone, the compatibility of the tattoo needle to the machine is an important issue that should be considered. If a machine can be adapted to the different brands of tattoo needles on the market, which allows us to have a lot more choice on the cartridges.

Battery Capacity

Normally we require around 3-4 hours to complete a tattoo, it is needed for a wireless tattoo machine battery to sustain 3-4 hours of tattoo work. If there is an indication regarding the existing power of the machine, we can additionally manage the following tattoo work based on the remaining power.

Motor Performance

Low noise and low vibration tattoo devices not just improve the tattoo artist’s work experience, but also bring customers a good tattoo experience. Picking a tattoo machine equipped with a high-quality motor is absolutely not an incorrect selection.

Maintenance Warranty

As an emerging product, the wireless tattoo pen attains advancements in technology than in the past, but there will also be some problems caused by the lack of maturity of the technology. As customers can get a repair service warranty is added important.

Wireless Tattoo Machine Referrals

CNC WE Wireless Tattoo Pen

Here is the first generation wireless tattoo machine designed by CNC. Its ergonomic grip design is excellent and feels more natural and comfortable in your hand. Besides, the highlight of this machine is that comes with two wireless batteries.

Stigma Wireless Tattoo Machine EM149

This tattoo pen is distinguished by its 2000mAh large capacity battery features, which can support 8 hours of continuous working time. Equipped with three shapes grips, the tattoo pen grip can be flexibly replaced by the user.

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