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Our Tattoo Supplies Are Must-Haves for Seasoned Professionals

The Solong company has been manufacturing wholesale tattoo suppli es of the outstanding quality for many years. We want tattooing to leave only a positive impression on a person. Many artists in parlors used to follow the principle of no pain, no gain when getting ink done. Nowadays, however, there is a myriad of sophisticated equipment that is designed to turn a previously painful procedure into a pleasant form of body embellishment. Our tattoo shop comes up with goods which no artist in the fine-art world can go without.

Putting a common misconception about “agonizing” tattooing aside, it is still an untainted art of self-expression. Getting ink is about decorating the body with a deeply symbolic or pictorial meaning. Therefore, an artist should use high-quality accessories and tools to convey the message on the skin accurately. The variety of the Solong tattoo supply store includes machines, gun kits, needles, grips, disposable clothing, add-ons for temporary marking or piercing, and much more. All these goods are of utmost importance to get a person covered in the most refined tattoos.

Benefits of Tattooing with Solong Supplies:

  • Simplicity and comfort. When customers come to a parlor, they should be at ease. Due to an easily adjustable armrest, relaxation is ensured during the long and tedious tattoo sessions. On the other hand, ink cups and holders are designed to facilitate the work of a tattooer.
  • Consummate skills. Our online wholesale tattoo supplies offer practice skins to hone the set of your art techniques. Rubber or plastic surface is a relic of the past. Today artists are provided with real skin-like goods made of silica gel. While closely resembling the human skin, our products allow for upgrading your needle skills on the most challenging body parts such as neck or bicep.
  • Safety and easiness of use. Disposable gloves, sleeves, aprons, and sterilization bags are also among the lineup of Solong tattoo supplies. In addition to keeping up with the standards of hygiene, the clothing serves as a protection from ink spots.
  • Tidiness and relief. Every tattoo artist should have green soap bottles at hand when creating a distinctive art. The natural soap can be used to prepare a particular area for a tattoo and to clean a machine or other equipment. Whereas, anesthetic products will be an ideal solution to increase tolerance to pain.

Accessories for Piercing and Tattooing at the Best Price

Getting a masterpiece on a body is always interlaced with the latest equipment at a parlor. The Solong tattoo shop enables artists all over the world to display some story on the skin in the most accurate way. Our exclusive kits along with sophisticated machine modifications are considered to be the best in terms of quality and price levels. At our store, you can save up to 80% when purchasing amazingly cheap tattoo supplies in bulk volumes. The price range differs directly according to the quantity you buy. Besides, Solong customers can also take advantage of money-off coupons and other special offers.

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Tattoo Machines

Solong Tattoo offers tattoo machines on the terms of wholesale. In our assortment, there are the high-quality coil, rotary, and hybrid tattoo machines, as well as tattoo pens.

We Have All Types of Tattoo Machines

Tattoo artists call their instrument a "machine," "iron" or less frequently a "gun." A tattoo machine is filled up with indelible ink. There are two main types of the machines from a mechanical standpoint.

Coil Tattoo Machine

The first is a "coiled" tattoo machine which has an armature bar like the instrument for laying paint on skin. An electromagnetic coil moves the armature bar up and down. There is a barred needle group connected to the armature bar in the tattoo machine. It pushes the ink into the skin. It is the most commonly used type.

There are also other variations of this type, centered around the number of coils: from single- to triple-coiled machines. Manufacturers make them from different materials and in various sizes. The dual-coiled variation is the most used. A usual coil wrapping consists of 8-10 layers.

Tattoo machine suppliers prefer this type of a tattoo machine because of its efficiency, low cost, and safety. The coil provides resistance used for regulating the speed and power of the machine. It prevents skin traumas.

On our website, you can find good-quality and cheap tattoo machines of the coil type.

Rotary Tattoo Machine

Another type of the apparatus is a rotary tattoo machine. There is a regulated motor instead of an electromagnetic coil to drive the needles.

One more type is a hybrid tattoo machine. For example, it may be a rotary machine but with an inbuilt armature bar. It increases the efficiency of the process.

There are all three types of tattoo machines for sale on our platform.

Liners and Shaders

From a technical point of view, tattoo machines are divided into liners and shaders.

A liner lays the ink on the skin in a single pass. It allows creating a dominant line.

The purpose of a shader tattoo machine is to create drawings with precise black lines. It is also designed for black color gradation. Although other colors are also in use for this type, the saturation level is low for them. It is good for sculpting lines as well.

Here you can buy a tattoo machine for different creatіve tasks.

Hybrid Tattoo Pen

Probably, the most convenient quality tattoo machine is a hybrid tattoo pen. It is similar to a regular pen, but bigger. In most cases, the mechanical principle is rotary.

Other subtypes of tattoo machines are classified by numerous criteria: springs stiffness/width/tension/angle, length of a stroke and contact gap, capacitors, and style characteristics like, for example, the angle of deflection. All these parameters influence the functionality.

On our website, you can see a great number of tattoo machines with different configurations. Choose the one you need!

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